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Lil' Devils and Eccentricities

Sneaky DevilPeekabooWindswept DevilChupacabra Comics
B.O.B - Bent Over BackwardsThe Creation of CheetahDragon HouseYawning Devil

Drawings - Sizes are approximate.

Blue White Noise (Vintage TV Series)Earth Tone TV (Vintage TV Series)Swirl TV (Vintage TV Series) Blue and Orange (Vintage TV Series)
Portable TV (Vintage TV Series)Color Console (Vintage TV Series)White Noise (Vintage TV Series)Late Nite TV (Vintage TV Series)
Waitress 1776Head and Legs80's Gay Boy
Storybook Tree #1 (Forest of the Suicides Series)Storybook Tree #2 (Forest of the Suicides Series)Growing Tree (Forest of the Suicides Series)Changeling Tree (Forest of the Suicides Series)
Handstand (Forest of the Suicides Series)Axe Mouth (Forest of the Suicides Series)The Shame #2 (Forest of the Suicides Series)Boris (Forest of the Suicides Series)
Head-planted (Forest of the Suicides Series)Dali As Cardinal RichelieuBeautiful Stump (Forest of the Suicides Series)The Scream - Twigupyerazz #1 (Forest of the Suicides Series)
MorpheadsThe Clown Jewels (series)Conjoined Dancers with Head (Sketchbook clipping)Sisters (Brothers and Sisters series)
Fishface (sketchbook clipping)Nick Study (Sketchbook clipping)The Martyrs' Repast (Sketchbook clipping)
Sleeping Nude ThreeSleeping Nude TooSwirl Head
Alfred and the Egg (autographed by Alfred Hitchcock)Happy Face NudeMy Left Foot (detail)Muscle Study of Adam
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