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Queen of DiamondsBarbara GA Woman's SuitTiffany
Bob's Big BoyPatsy StonePandora (Mt. Olympus Below the Tree Line series) Private CollectionPop Medusa (Mt. Olympus Below the Tree Line series)
OglingOglingConjoined DancersConjoined Dancers
Le MetroDisaster at the Laundromat in progressKing of Hearts 76Queen of Hearts 76
Urban KissReposeStill Life 1Blonde
Harp WomanCarolWoman With WallpaperPaloma
Morph HeadsValentine in the GhettoAbstract DevilFemmebot 1 (series)
American Youth Hostel of Sta MonicaMadonna of the Super MarketLil' Devils in progressArtoons - Pastel
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As a native of Southern California, Mike Street began oil painting in primary school under the tutelage of Louise Wise, and he became her teaching assistant for several years.  He graduated from Loyola Marymount University where he studied under the brilliant colorist Pauline Khuri-Majoli (a direct pupil of Stanton MacDonald-Wright).  Other education included classes in Paris, France with Rod Abrahamson (a direct pupil of Fernand Leger) and several courses at Art Center and Otis/Parsons.

Drawn to his unique viewpoint, vivid imagination and personal style, numerous collectors own Mike's impactful work.  Much of his early commercial career was attached to the entertainment industry, ad agencies, magazines, and public and private commissions.  After a long and loving professional detour in visual merchandising with The Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, Mike Street returned to fine art and the gallery circuit only recently.

Most of his solo and group art shows have been in the Los Angeles area and Paris.  Creating a new bi-coastal existence, he has relocated his Studio/415 to Western Pennsylvania.  In the future, he aspires to create a connected community gallery and resume teaching seasonally in Westmoreland County.  Mike's empowering motto is "Create Without Shame".  He loves to inspire other artists to chase their dreams and to celebrate life.

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